The “75 Soft” Challenge

Well, I spent yesterday evening talking with people, asking lots of questions, researching, praying, and thinking through all of the details of doing a “75 Hard” challenge. I texted a friend from camp, telling her that I was thinking about doing “75 Hard,” and I asked her if she wanted to work out with me some (since I would be working out a LOT).

She texted me this morning saying that she’s actually interested in doing “75 Hard” with me.

Through my discussion and research last night, I actually learned about a modified version called “75 soft.” It has the same principles basically, but it’s a little less intense. So, obvious it’s not as “hard,” but I think it’s a good stepping stone. I don’t think I’m as ready for how strict the “hard” version is.

So, I told her about it, and she felt that it would be a better fit for her as well. We decided that we will start March 6th. I am SO excited to have a good friend on board! I think it will give me the push that I need to be successful. I cannot wait to see how this goes!

This afternoon I went to work making a plan.

Well, I already had an intentional wellness plan, but I adjusted it a bit and added to it. I used this plan July 2021-spring 2022 before I fell off completely because of poor mental health.

My plan is below!

My Why, Focus Questions, and My Wellness Vision

WHY am I doing this?

  • To lower my cholesterol- medication isn’t enough
  • To reduce the size of my belly- this is visceral fat which affects health markers (heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure, among other things)
  • To feel better mentally and physically- nutrition and movement affect both!  When I’m moving consistently and eating mostly whole foods, I feel my best overall. I also feel confident which makes a HUGE difference!
  • To gain consistency/better habits
  • To feel better in my body- I feel physically uncomfortable most of the time
  • To better my performance in my workouts
  • To improve my self-efficacy (to prove to myself that I CAN be consistent with nutrition and movement!)

My Wellness Vision

My whole vision for my life involves AUTHENTICITY.  It starts with my relationship with Jesus.  Connection & community, empathy, joy, passion, having fun, laughing, reflection, and strength are so important to me. I also love beauty in the little things.  I adore sunsets, God’s creation (being “Wild and Free” in nature!), my hobbies, journaling, cooking and baking things from scratch, gardening, and so many more things. I love that I get to choose who I am and what I do.  To be authentic, I have to focus on taking good care of myself. Health for me involves every part: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  It starts with reminding myself that I am worthy of wellness. 

Focus Questions

How does this/will this make me feel? 

How does a healthy person eat/move?

What is the “75 Soft?”

The main plan is this:

For the soft version instead of the hard version, you are allowed a “cheat meal” (which, I hate that term… so I’m going to focus on whole foods and allow myself some processed- probably eating out once a week). You are also allowed to have limited alcohol, but I don’t drink (6+ years sober!). You also only have to do one 45 workout instead of two. I might do more than 45 minutes some days because I’m going to try really hard to get a walk in every day in addition to Street Parking workouts. I will read daily, drink lots of water, and take progress photos.

I honestly hope that this becomes my “new normal,” but I’ll start with the challenge and go from there! I may not be able to keep up so much working out afterwards. We will see!

My Food Plan

I decided to do the same thing that I did before when I was eating well consistently! I can’t have much dairy because it causes digestive issues. I’m reducing my saturated fat because of my cholesterol. I’m trying to reduce drinks other than water. Everything else is just a focus on whole foods!

My Movement Plan

I’m going to just do what I do, but increase the amount that I move. Actually, I haven’t been consistent in quite a bit with this, so that’s my main goal. Just moving daily.

Books to Read

With “75 Hard,” all you can read is non-fiction books, and with “75 Soft,” you can read anything. I’m going to focus on non-fiction! I might also read Girls in the Attic just because I enjoy it! The minimum pages per day goal is 10!

How is ANY of This “Wild and Free?” (going with my blog name and focus)

I know, I know. My goal is to be “wild and free.” This seems very planned and routine. Thing is, pursuing these things that feel hard are part of “wild and free” to me. I’m trying to push myself out of my comfort zone in all the ways for mental/emotional, physical, and spiritual health. A huge part of this, also, is community, authenticity, being outside more, etc (like I have mentioned above in my wellness vision).

I’m putting aside what is easy and comfortable to do the hard thing for my wellness. I’m thinking about trying rock climbing again, kayaking a long river, etc as part of this! I also hike pretty much every weekend.

Another big part of wild and free is eating “real foods” and making all of the things from scratch (to me- and I LOVE this!).

All of this is a big commitment, but now that I’m feeling great mentally, I’m here for it!

My next post is going to have some more about my new focuses!

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