My Word for the Year + Goals

My anxiety and mental health issues often get in the way of feeling joy. But actually, maybe it’s happiness that I’m seeking. Happiness is fleeting, but joy perseveres even in the midst of struggle. But I often get stuck in my struggle and don’t notice the things that bring me joy.

My word for the year in 2022 is Joy. I want to be intentional to set boundaries (especially with work) and focus on things that bring me joy and also intentionally work through the things that bring me anxiety. I’m going to learn new coping mechanisms to manage my mental health (and just be more consistent with them in general) and make decisions that make my life more wild and free. I’m going to lighten up and have more fun with my students (keeping things more simple), laugh more, play more games with my family, spend more time outdoors, spend time with Jesus, and just spend more time doing things that I enjoy. Life is too good to be stuck in my struggles.

This is going to take making daily decisions to choose the “lighter” thing over what is “heavy.” It’s more natural for me to see and focus on the hard stuff. My blog name is “Wild + Free Mama” because that is my heart’s desire!

That’s my word for the year, but I also have some goals. They mostly involve fitness performance, but I have a few others as well.

  • Go camping at least 6 times.
  • Finish my nutrition coaching and personal training courses + pass certification exams.
  • Start seeing clients (maybe just virtually).
  • Complete the Endurance on Ramp program and do at least half of the Endurance program through Street Parking by the end of the year.
  • Run three 5ks (maybe run a 10k if my body allows me).
  • Get my cholesterol to a healthy range (it’s out of range despite working out regularly and eating well consistently).
  • Be able to use 30lb dumbbells and at least 65lb barbell + bumper plates by the end of the year.
  • Use 35lb kettlebell by the end of the year.
  • Do regular push ups (I’m currently doing the push up program with Street Parking).
  • Do some sort of movement daily including Street Parking workouts, hiking, walking (even if for just 5 minutes), and yoga.
  • Meditate 5-10 minutes daily.
  • Be more consistent with nutrition habits.

This may seem like a lot but I’m already on my way there for most of these. Continuing with my current habits will get me there.

Just taking the year one day at a time, focusing on joy, and working toward my goals. I’m hoping this year is better than the last two, but I know I will be met with challenges because that’s life. But I know things can only improve with consistency.

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