More than Nothing

Picture is from the Street Parking website.

I have this problem with overthinking and black and white thinking, and I often get caught up in the tiny details that aren’t as important in the big picture.

I have been on a plateau with my weight for about 6-8 weeks. It has been pretty frustrating and has made me feel like I wasn’t working hard enough. I kept trying to overhaul everything and failing because perfection isn’t possible. I’m thankful for a nutrition coach that I was using for a bit and my friend Kate who have been reminding me to stop focusing on the scale and focus on the progress that I have made instead. I also decided to stop weighing myself every day because it just frustrates me.

I’ve lost 15 inches total. I’m down from a size 16 to a comfortable size 12.

As I look at my habits, they are healthy and pretty solid. I’m about 80% on nutrition. This is about I need to work on my water intake. Some days I rock this and some days I don’t have enough. The snacks are a work in progress, but I’m going to choose to look at how far I’ve come. Last year I ate from the gas station every day after school. Usually a bag of chips and a king sized candy bar or fried pie. I also ate out a lot. Now it’s rare. I’m feeling stronger every day. My workouts are getting better. I can feel my muscles. Haha. I have NEVER been consistent with working out. I’ve never done any kind of strength work until this summer. Now I’m working out 4 days per week on average. Years ago I ran consistently but that’s it. And it has been years. I could honestly sit right where I am and be healthy. I would like to improve in some areas, but I’m also healthy as I am. Being consistent is most important.

I started this blog post at the beginning of the week and things have changed a bit so I thought I’d share an update.

I had an “aha” moment the other day and I shared it in the Street Parking group:

“I’ve been sick the past few days + this was our last week of school this semester and I have been in survival mode. I haven’t been thinking a ton about my food and have just been eating. And today (Friday) I had a large smoothie with kale and fruit and egg white protein powder for breakfast, some pizza for lunch, then came home and had an apple and carrots because they sounded good (plus some beef jerky and Triscuits). I think this is what I have been working towards. Balance and good overall habits. Habit as in it doesn’t take much thought. Yeah I had pizza with my class, but I didn’t lose control after that. I ate food that felt good.
I haven’t worked out in a few days because of being sick, but I know I’ll pick back up when I feel better. This is it. I’m figuring this out. This is what consistency looks like.”

And I have officially broken my plateau. Only by one pound, but I’m consistently down that one pound.

Being obsessed with logging every piece of food didn’t work long-term for me. It was a good way to see what I was eating in the short term and how to get enough protein, etc. But overall, I broke my plateau by eating food that feels good, eating balanced, and just living out the healthy habits that I have created.

I just started my NASM Nutrition Coach certification training. I haven’t felt well enough to focus on it, but I’ll get there. I have plenty of time. I can’t wait to learn even more and help women get out of the rut that they’re in because I’ve been there so many times. I’m finally learning how to dig out.

I know that I will have hard days with this. Some days I will overeat. Some days I will feel stuck again. Some days I will be discouraged. But those are becoming less often. I’m thankful for this journey. I have come so far.

More than Nothing is my life motto thanks to Street Parking.

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