Meal Plan for 10/24-10/30

Friday I received a CSA share from a local farm, so my meal plan this week is going to have a lot of that included in recipes!

I’m also using my new favorite cookbook for most meals:

I found some recipes through Pinterest to specifically use what we got from the CSA. I will link those on the meal plan.


  • Sausage patties (from a local farm) in biscuits and fruit
  • Green protein smoothie (this is my breakfast every day)
  • Eggs, whole wheat toast, and fruit
  • Breakfast burritos



Meal Prep

  • Make homemade bread
  • Cook bacon (bake) and chicken breast (air fryer)
  • Cut and roast potatoes
  • Cut mushroom, bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, carrots, turnips, radishes, sweet potatoes
  • Make salad with hydroponic lettuce, rainbow chard, kale, and other veggies
  • Make sauce for roasted veggies (miso based)

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