Balance 365 Coaching Monthly Commitment

I finished the month of March feeling pretty content with my habits. I eat mostly balanced, though I’m not perfect at this. I am fine with the imperfection.

Most meals contain all of the needs for a balanced meal: protein, carbs, fat, fiber. Some don’t. Sometimes I have a bag of chips. Sometimes I have fruits and veggies. I focus on how I feel.

I have also turned a corner with how I feel about my body. I’m realizing that I’m capable of so much and I don’t have to look a certain way to feel strong. I’m learning to accept my body (specifically my belly which I have historically hated). I’m still a bit up and down with this, but I’m growing each day.

For April, I decided to shift my habit focus away from food and onto movement. I have been working on food habits for a long time and have been ignoring movement.

I finally decided that I am ready and WANT to begin a movement habit. I have been doing more active things as a whole like building garden beds and more and more walking through the day (I got over 10,000 steps the other day; usually I get 7,000-8,000 just from working). It has felt so good. My body is craving movement now. This is huge. I went about 5 years without regular movement because I had zero desire. None. I want to be strong. I want to have more energy. I want to be able to keep up with my busy life. I want to be better at rock climbing and running. It’s all becoming important to me! Gardening takes up a lot of my time and it is a very active activity.

My plan is this: strength training twice a week and starting a run twice a week. It doesn’t matter how long I run. I just want to get out and do the thing.

For strength training, I will be doing the B365 Coaching workouts. I decided not to consider rock climbing a workout just yet because I’m so beginner that I’m not getting very far up. It’s just practice for now. And gardening is part of my NEAT movement (basically just means everyday movement).

I plan to join a live workout once a week (if possible), then catch the replay if I don’t make it to the live one.

Running used to be my “thing.” I used to run all the time- about 3-4 miles several days per week. I love it. It helps me clear my head and it is a form of self care. So my biggest goal is to run regularly again, and grow in that.

I created a page in my habit journal for the month of April.

I can’t wait to see growth over the next few months. My plan is to really focus on movement (mostly) for quite a while. I’m excited!

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