My Bullet Journal for 2021

I bought this journal at a dollar store and decided to make it into a bullet journal.

I haven’t made goals for the new year in a very long time because I always thought it was cliché but also thought I would never be able to live up to them. This past year taught me that it’s okay to put goals back on the table.

I know how to be healthy, and I will keep doing that a little at a time. I’m finally joining our local gym (that my friend owns). I’m headed there in a little over an hour. I’m also joining coaching with Balance 365 (that is, if I can… I’m one of many on a waitlist). I’m am working on habits and creating these slowly so that I don’t feel stuck or that it’s impossible.

I am hoping to do movement more and more through the year. I created a tracking page for that just to see the progression. It’s just info, not an expectation.

I actually ended the year with some money in savings and want to keep adding to it.

Church and tithing are important so Robert and I both want to make that a priority. I’m trying to keep things realistic and say that once a month is good! We live in the middle of nowhere and already commute every day for school, so another day a week can be tough. It’s important though. We will do church online the rest of the time.

My biggest goal spiritually this year is to study Jesus. And also study about all the things that I was taught growing up to see if they are truly biblical. This is important to me at this point in my life. I’m going to make a section for prayer requests and scripture in my journal.

I also just want to continue growing in important relationships. Robert and I grew a lot closer this past year! I have new friends and they have been so great. And I have many important “old” friends as well. I would love to be a better daughter and granddaughter.

At the end of the day, this is all just about taking one step at a time. I mess up every day. But I’ve learned to take the steps instead of sitting around and watching everyone else!

I’m excited to see how 2021 plays out. I am finally feeling very motivated, but it’s all about creating those daily habits and showing up even when I don’t feel like it. Motivation gets you started and habits keep you going. That’s why I’m starting slow!

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