Update on the Hard Things and the Good Things

So many things are weird and crazy and busy and fun and hard and exciting right now. I am truly learning that I have to go with the flow. It’s so hard for me, as a planner. And a control freak. And someone with severe anxiety. And, and, and.

I’m worn from all that is going on in the world (racism, pandemic, etc), and I’m worn from my cough and not having answers.

Wednesday I had all kinds of testing. And it was discouraging.

I had allergy testing and got tested for 63 environmental triggers and many food triggers. Every. Single. One. Was. Negative.

Then in the afternoon I had a pulmonary function test. I don’t have the official results yet, but the respiratory therapist seemed to think it looked good.

Shouldn’t I be grateful? I mean, I keep getting told that I should. But y’all, this could have been an easy answer. Instead, we are going to keep searching (almost 3 years later…).

Then I had a chest CT. I know nothing about how that went.

So I wait. And hope for answers.

In the meantime, I’m trying to focus on good things. Things that I’m excited about. Things that God has provided for us. Things that I enjoy. God’s word. His people.

We have some cool things coming up.

First up…

Robert and I are taking a trip to one of our new fave places… the Gila National Forest/Wilderness.

We went last year, and we have so many amazing memories. It’s so beautiful. There are tall trees, the weather is perfect, it’s very quiet (there are no people around), we can’t be on social media, and we get to just be away from the stresses of life. We have time to talk, play games, hike, and sleep in our amazing rooftop tent.

Robert and I are both so excited and it is very needed. Camp life has been very weird and hard and good and interesting the past three months. And it’s going to continue. So we need to have some good time away before we get right back to it.

Shopping Local

I have been enjoying shopping local, so much. I love shopping at my friend’s health food store, eating in the little restaurant attached to it, and buying from the farmer’s market.

Not only does it make my heart happy to support friends, it also means that I am eating healthier! I am making some new things and really enjoying that.

Levi has been joining me in cooking many nights including making a lot of things on his own. It’s his passion!

A New Thing

I’m so so excited. I have decided to ask a few friends if I could teach their kids preschool! I taught preschool in 2012-2013 and it was my favorite year of teaching in my years of teaching. It brings me so much joy, and I feel like I truly know what I’m doing.

Since I decided, I have been looking for cheap supplies because I got rid of all of my preschool stuff a few years ago. God has been faithful to provide heavily for this ministry.

I found so many amazing books at thrift stores. I think I may have spent $15 on books and got 23 of those huge books and 45 regular sized books (I also have many books that I happened to save).

I have found baskets and things at thrift stores and the dollar spot at Target. I got a book stand at Goodwill. I did have quite a few craft supplies then filled in the gaps from Walmart and a craft store.

My goal is this: learning through play and literature. Bible. Nature studies. Lots of hands on activities. Music. Arts/crafts. And more!

I’m using The Peaceful Preschool as a spine just to have some structure, then I will add in a lot of fun things that I think of or find!

My kids are so excited to be my assistant.

I’m going to share just a few pictures here, then I will be dedicating a blog post and a page to this.

Alright… heading out to work with my chicken/ducks!

I can’t wait to share more about preschool!

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