Going All In

Joyce-Ellen's Cactus PicPhoto Cred: Catherine Hamilton


It’s always interesting to see what happens in my heart and life when I’m having a good season. I never know how long it will last, and I also am just thrilled to be feeling better so I do alllll the things I have wanted to for a long time.

That’s kinda where I am right now. There are so many factors at play here including deciding to take better care of myself to feel better, the amazing weather, spring coming, feeling like myself again, great counsel from professionals (my counselor who has been one for 30 years, my amazing nurse practitioner, my chiropractor), my own research, working on my mental and emotional health in addition to physical health, wanting to do what’s best for my kids, doing things that I truly enjoy, and getting our tax refund :-).

We get a large refund because Robert’s salary on paper is low. A huge part of his salary is a free house, utilities, insurance, retirement, etc.

I probably went overboard, but he and I had some fun (after paying off a credit card, putting money in savings, and getting some things that we needed to get).

Anyway… some things that I’m up to…

Sour dough with fresh ground white wheat flour.

Kombucha brewing

Homemade candles from organic soy wax and Plant Therapy essential oils

Chicks! And we ordered a large coop for them since Robert doesn’t have time to build one. Also, Ethan built this great pin for them.

We have invested a whole lot into these chickens. I’m excited about having fresh eggs though! And they are amazing pets that the kids actually love now. Ethan has invested a whole lot of time to take care of them which I think is so so good for him.

We did a lot of decorating including a new rug, a couch cover for our torn up couch, getting a couch from my parents, some throw pillow covers, some sheer curtains, and many wall hangings that I have found at various thrift stores. I have found so many fun things that I feel represents the style that I have decided is a representation of our family (southwestern/New Mexico/desert).

And Wild + Free and chicken decor. Haha.

We’re back to Teatime! Karis read her favorite picture book and some Aesop’s fables. Levi read a store from Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Ethan read some poetry. I read a Patricia Polacco book and some poetry. We had Annie’s cinnamon rolls. So fun!

I got a new Bible study book and Karis got the same one, but for teens.

My tattoo is healing nicely and it’s always weird to see it when I wear short sleeves.

I’m working hard on self care. I choose things that I feel I need in the moment to deal with anxiety. In this pic, I shared some important things… my mental health meds, essential oil blend that I made, Aquaphor on my tattoo (I prefer natural, but this works so much better for healing), Burt’s chapstick, ice water, my white noise machine, and a good book.

So I guess you could say I’m going “all in” at the moment. The amazing thing is that I can do this now and cut back if I need to! The kids are the main ones to take care of the chicks, but I do supervise.

Posts to come:

  • Benefits of Kombucha, kefir, sourdough, and other fermented foods (allll the probiotics).
  • Benefits of grinding our own flour.
  • What we’re doing for school right now.
  • Update on my Childbirth Ed training.
  • How important treatment for mental health is for yourself or your kids… even if you want to do things the natural way. There are so many factors to treatment.
  • Wild + Free activities (with our family and friends… maybe a group)

I hope you’ll stay tuned!

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