Moving Forward

Moving FOrward

I have felt pretty weighed down these days.  I have shared about it a lot recently, so I’ll spare you the review.

Wednesday I found out that my blood work was all perfect (except for low b12 levels- they gave me a shot for that).  I was pretty discouraged.  My nurse practitioner was at a loss.  She wasn’t exactly sure, even, where to send me next.  She threw out some ideas… maybe an ENT or pulmonologist.  But even those were not confident suggestions because everything seems fine on paper (and when she examines me).  And as I’ve mentioned, docs have tried so many meds.  So many.  Instead of getting better, I have been getting worse.

Prior to Wednesday, I started doing some research on functional medicine, including one specific doctor that was shared with me from my friend/neighbor.  Her friend went there for mold toxicity and had great success.

I have struggled with natural medicine for quite a while for many reasons.  One, Robert has VERY strong opinions about “naturopaths” based on some negative things that he has heard about them.  Two, I have been part of Balance 365 for a long time and while I truly value all that I have gained from my experience in the program, their strong opinions about anything alternative (they call “woo”) rubbed off on my big time.

But.  Functional medicine isn’t “natural medicine” per se.  It’s actually very scientifically backed.  The focus is on focusing on the whole person, getting to the root issue, and healing your body instead of throwing medicine at it.  So I would say it’s kind of a mix of natural and western medicine.

I have done a whole lot of research and watched so many of this doctor’s videos.

I feel that this one is the most helpful.

She also does something called Neurofeedback which is basically a non-invasive way to re-train your brain.

I made the final decision yesterday to go ahead and see her, and my appointment is Tuesday!

Robert is actually on board, also!

I have talked with the office administrator for a total of about 45 minutes.  He (her husband) has made me feel super confident and at peace with the decision to see her.  He said that most of the people who come see her are at their wit’s end with western medicine because they aren’t getting better (and often getting worse).

Tuesday, I will be meeting with her from 10:30 till about noon.  We will go over my history, what’s going on, what I’ve tried, etc.  We will address all areas… mental, emotional, and physical.

Then in the afternoon, I will come back and she will give me her recommendations.  We will make a plan from there.

This is very expensive.  It’s not covered by insurance.  I’m so thankful that God has provided, though.  I’m not even worried about the cost (this isn’t something normal!).

I look forward to digging deep.  It’s going to be a long process.  It’s going to take a lot of work and time.  But I am confident that I will be better on the other side and that maybe I will truly heal from the inside out.

I will probably be doing Neurofeedback, and I’m hoping that it will improve my mental health as well!  If all goes well for me, maybe we’ll get the boys in there eventually also.  It is most commonly used for ADHD!

Something kinda funny that I realized yesterday…

I have been so against natural medicine for a long time.  But.  I had two home births!  I did something completely radical when I decided to do that, and I didn’t care what other people thought.  Why do I care now?

In the meantime…

I’m simplifying.  School hasn’t been going amazingly well because I have such high expectations.  I LOVE the Brave Writer Lifestyle… but it takes a whole lot from me.  So I’m taking a break from that.  I have made things work so that the kids are working mostly independently.  And honestly?  Ethan told me today that he actually likes what they are doing now better.  They are getting older and doing things with me isn’t as fun for them.  They don’t care about all of the fluff.  We’ll see.  I really, really love Brave Writer so I will figure out how to implement some things at least.  Also, Karis is still doing BW for reading and writing.  She does it all independently.  The boys aren’t mature enough to be able to handle that.  Maybe one day!

It’s all about being flexible.  Life changes daily so I’m just going with the flow.  My goal right now is to get better.

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  1. Dear Courtney, this is exciting news! You go ahead and do whatever you have to do, as long as it helps you. This sounds very promising. I’ll be praying for you and keeping you in my thoughts. You’re being so brave by taking this step out of your comfort zone. Please keep us updated. Sending hugs!

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