My New Year Hopes and Dreams

New Year

2019 has been amazing in some ways and super hard in some ways.  I have dealt with health issues all year, but homeschooling has been so so great!  We have all settled into it well, I have figured out what our family needs and what our philosophy is, and I have started learning how to help my kids be their best self.  I have also picked my childbirth ed training back up and have plans for that soon.

We are ending the year trying to figure out how to help Ethan with his mental health (anxiety, depression, and ADHD) and Levi with his ADHD.  We are celebrating Christmas in some amazing ways, and I’m thankful to be with family!

Now on to my plans for the new year…

In the past I made a LOT of goals for the new year.  I have learned, though, that it’s impossible to meet all of them… so, I’m trying to focus on a few things that are super important to me!

We have some definite plans for some things.  I will be paddling the Pecos River with some friends in March.  In April our fam will be headed to some National Parks in Texas and New Mexico (maybe Colorado).  We will do lots of camping, hiking, some rock climbing, and I hope to run some trail races.  I’m just taking these things a day at a time.

And… we plan to go to Six Flags Fiesta Texas often because my parents bought season passes for our family!  Lots of fun coming up!

We will just continue what we’ve been doing in most areas… Brave Writer Lifestyle and curriculum.  We will do novel studies and writing projects.  The novel studies teach grammar, spelling, and literary elements.  There are also lots of comprehension and critical thinking questions.  Through the writing projects, they will learn about persuasive writing, writing a report, fiction writing, poetry, and more.

They will continue the math that they are doing.  Karis and Levi are doing Math U See and Ethan is doing Teaching Textbooks.

The boys and I will be doing Texas history and American history, and chemistry and physics.  Karis will continue her science and history.

We will do nature study through the Wild Explorers Club.  We will go to the Science Mill Museum as often as we can (we have become members).

We will continue weekly Poetry Teatime.  It’s our favorite.

We will go with the flow… which is the best part about homeschooling!  We are Wild + Free homeschoolers and we love it!

I picked my course back up last year around this time after laying it down for a long time. As usual, it has been hard to be consistent with study because life has been crazy (homeschooling again and health issues). I recently decided to be more focused on it despite busyness because it’s something that I’m passionate about. A sweet friend of mine shared with me how she thought I could utilize the certification even living where we do now. Then I talked with a few other people and I came up with a tentative plan!

So. I hope to finish my course by the end of the spring (at the latest).

I plan to do online/video classes, private classes in peoples’ homes (for people in the area and at camp), and classes at my friend’s gym.

I’m not exactly sure how I will make it all work yet, but the vision is there. So, we will see what happens! In 2020 I may only be able to finish my training and start one way of teaching it. Then I can expand over time.

Lastly… I will continue my journey of growth.

I desperately want my focus to be on Jesus more and less on me. I am hoping to host Bible study again after taking some time off from it. Time with Jesus has been refreshed recently.

Relationships with family and friends are priority.

We will keep trying to go to church. I will keep trying to budget even though I suck at keeping up with it.

I will keep trying to figure out why I’m coughing still. I will be trying the AIP elimination diet next. Then if that doesn’t help, I will be seeing my doc again to try to figure out what specialist I should see next.

One foot in front of the other!!

My sobriety is a huge priority still.

I will keep making food from scratch, keeping things semi clean and organized, etc. Self care will continue to be priority.

Do you notice a trend here? Mainly I want to continue doing what I’m doing but maybe just improve and add to!

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