Figuring This Thing Out

All I can say is wow.

I have come a LONG way in our homeschool.  I don’t really even recognize it.

I have tried all the ways of homeschooling and struggled to fit into any of them.

Thanks to Brave Writer and Brave Learner (and the Wild + Free podcast), I am learning to embrace who I am and embrace where our homeschool is at right at this moment.

I have let go of so much expectation and need to control everything, and it has brought so much peace and fun to our homeschool.

And something even better is that I’m doing it almost free (except for a few books here and there and a few supplies for science).

We ARE using a specific math curriculum at the moment and it’s going well.  Karis uses a junior high level language arts and science.  She also loves Story of the World.  She is pretty much only independent and likes structure.  I’m cool with that!

The boys and I are making our way one day at a time, and we are having a lot of fun.

I have found most of the resources that I’m using for history, science, writing, grammar, and spelling for free!  I piece things together each week/day on my own using those free resources.

I use a combo of hands-on activities, experiments, read alouds, independent reading, worksheets, journals, videos, etc.  I feel like my kids have learned sooo much lately!

I have gotten way out of my comfort zone of box checking and have decided to go with the flow and it’s working out so well.

Just an example…

This past week we studied the phases of the moon.  I used books that I have and lots of things that I found on Teachers Pay Teachers (for free).  I printed things out and just kind of threw it together.  It went soooo well.

We have gotten into a routine.  I write their plans for the day on this white board.  I set their pages for their independent work on the table the night before.

The boys do their independent work in the morning and we do our shared time after lunch.

This is what the table looks like when the kids wake up! This also allows me to sleep in a bit when/if I need to.

The boys are learning about adjectives, doing spelling through K12 Reader, and I printed a few fun pages for math practice this week from Teachers Pay Teachers.

There’s just enough structure for them, but I’m also a lot more flexible to throw things out if they aren’t working and move on with our day.

This coming week we are continuing adjectives (learning comparative and superlative), continuing spelling, picking a new topic for Halloween writing, and learning about/researching about the planets! In addition to finishing the Gamma book in Math U See for the boys, doing our read aloud and Bible, Poetry Teatime, and daily independent reading.

I’m excited about a new week!

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