The Good and the Hard

Well, I have completed the Medrol dose pack, and instead of feeling better, I am feeling worse.  The inhalers pretty much do nothing for me.

I stopped taking my Nexium because I was told that I don’t show signs of reflux, and I had heartburn that same day.  Heartburn hasn’t even been my issue.  I’m so confused.

Again, I’m going to try something else.  I have struggled with dairy for years to some extent.  I have reduced my dairy intake for a while due to upset stomach.  The other day I got a large ice cream at Dairy Queen and was very miserable the rest of the day (my cough and shortness of breath got so much worse).  I could barely function.  So I’m cutting out dairy for a few weeks and will see how things go.

I’m pretty miserable in general these days.  I’m wondering, also, if my GI missed something.

I’ll be seeing my nurse practitioner next Friday and I’m hoping she’ll have a good idea of what to do next.  I’m not even sure what specialist to see: pulmonologist, another GI, allergist, etc.

There’s a bright spot in all of this…

Robert told me the other day that he planned something so awesome for my birthday!!  He’s taking me to Dallas to my favorite theatre to see a melodrama!  We are going to stay in a hotel and we will see some of our best friend the next day.  I’m so so excited.  I haven’t been to Dallas since August of 2015.

Also, some friends that are like family will be coming to visit next week.  He married Robert and I and she was my matron of honor.  They taught me who I was in Christ when I was in college.  I have known them for 19 years.

They have a son that is close to Karis and Ethan’s age (in between the two).  She’s a teacher and he’s a youth pastor.

We plan to do lots of fun things while they are here like zip lining, water front, hiking, and maybe some rock climbing.


Anyway… off to shower and get ready to work in the coffee shop!

2 thoughts

    1. My family eats ice cream in front of me. Lol. Also, I have actually found a dairy free ice cream that I like more than any dairy ice cream I have had!

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