Our Thoughts Matter

The last time I wrote, I was in the midst of struggle.  Physically I was struggling because of the cough and shortness of breath that I have been having.  I finally broke down and went to the doctor on Wednesday.  She agreed that it was probably severe reflux, but she sent me to get a chest x-ray just in case.  Thursday I found out that the x-ray was normal, which is good.  A referral was sent to a GI.  I felt terrible that day and was feeling so, so defeated, helpless, and depressed.  I decided to take it easy, and I ended up sleeping like 11 hours that night (and last night).

Yesterday the GI’s office called me and set up an appointment for June 10th.  I’m kind of frustrated that it’s a while away, but I decided that I need to just try to live life the best I can until my appointment.  Laying around is what makes me feel depressed.  So yesterday I got dressed, the kids and I cleaned the house, I worked on laundry, and then I sat on my porch with my pup, listening to worship music.  I’m still coughing, I still have to take constant deep breaths, and I’m still burping constantly, but my mood is better.  It helps to know that help is on the way!

Our thoughts are so important.  If you think that you will always feel bad, then you won’t fight to feel better.  If you think that you have no reason to get up and moving, then you won’t.  If you think you CAN’T get up and get moving, then you won’t.  It’s as simple as that.

Our thoughts matter.

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