Life Lately and Some Changes that I’m Making for My Health

Before I started homeschooling again, my brain was always thinking of what to blog about and share on Facebook/Instagram.  I was always cleaning and kept up with laundry.  This is pretty much all I had in my life most of the time because my kids were all in school 10 hours a day.

None of those things happen consistently these days, and I’m so thankful for that.

I am living an amazing and full life these days and I wouldn’t change a thing (well, except I would love for Karis to choose to be homeschooled again, but that won’t happen…).

We did spend a lot of time cleaning and doing laundry Wednesday which was pretty refreshing, but it’s also nice to not be obsessed with it anymore.  I have so much else to think about, and I have kids home all the time (and a puppy!) so the house just isn’t going to stay clean.  It just is what it is.

We are slowing down with school.  At the moment they are just reading 25 minutes, doing math, and writing with a prompt that they choose from an amazing book.  That’s all!  Karis gets out of school on the 23rd and all of the kids will be doing some math through July because I’m wanting to get the boys caught up (I started them a couple levels behind because I wanted to fill in some gaps) and Karis needs a little more instruction and practice on division (I happen to have the DVD for division in Math U See).  The kids will all get a week without any school the first two weeks of summer.  Partly because one of those weeks they will be at camp!

Karis and Levi will be at camp the first session and Ethan will be staying with my parents that week.  He’s going to session four because he’s doing bike week (something new that we’re doing).  Robert and I are gonna go on a week-long camping/road trip!!  I’m soooo excited that we can do this.  We are both somewhat obsessed with camping these days and it will be so nice for it to be just the two of us.


A little bit about life the past few weeks.  We went to Davis Mountain State Park the last weekend of April for Robert’s birthday.  We had such an amazing weekend.  The kids and Loki all did so amazing.  We love our new rooftop tent.  It’s some comfy and so easy to use.  We went for a hike (Loki got tired!), we played lots of games, ate good food, and walked Loki around the place (everyone loved him!).

The first weekend of May (last weekend) we had a huge retreat here called Mancation.  It’s like 600 men.  They needed some extra help so I volunteered in the camp store from 1-6 on Saturday.  The kids all came and helped at some point.  I really, really enjoyed it, and I cannot wait till I get to work regularly in the camp store and coffee shop this summer!

Here, Levi is folding shirts!

Levi folding shirts

We have been going to almost every meal lately in the dining hall, and I’m really starting to get used to it!  I’m loving being with other people here at camp every day. I feel like I’m more a part of camp.  I have never been this involved.

This weekend the kids and I are going to my parents’ for Mother’s Day.  Robert is going to stay here and put up a fence for our puppy (Loki) to have a yard!  He is also on call here so he wouldn’t be able to come with us.

On another note…

I have been meaning to share about this for a while (like a few weeks), and I just haven’t yet because we’ve been so busy.

I have been having a lot of trouble with my reflux still.  I have tried almost everything.  The one thing that I hadn’t tried is to truly focus on weight loss again.  After talking through it with Robert and determining my motive, I decided that it’s just time to focus on that again.  I am 40 pounds heavier than I was at my lowest and about 25 pounds heavier than at my most comfortable.  It wasn’t until I gained weight that I started having issues with reflux.  And unfortunately the majority of my weight is in my belly, which is the worst on reflux.  I have silent reflux so I don’t often have heart burn (I do when I don’t take medication), but I have shortness of breath, lots of burping, a bad cough, etc and it’s the worst at night when I lay down.  Because of this, it takes hours to get to sleep.  I’m just tired of it.

So I want to lose weight, but I don’t want to do anything extreme or do any sort of diet.  So I’m focusing on a few things (many of these I have learned in Balance 365).

  1. “Goldilocks.”  Basically eating a just right amount.  Not too much but enough so that I’m satisfied.  If I eat till I’m stuffed it makes things worse.
  2. Movement!  I am trying to be outside doing some sort of intentional movement each day.  I have picked up jogging/walking again and hope to run a 5k in a few months.  I ride my bike consistently.  I walk to and from meals every day.  And I eventually plan to start the B365 program called Everyday Strong, but I’m not a huge fan of strength training… I just know it’s important.
  3. Only one carbonated drink a day (if that), and not after lunch (because of my reflux).
  4. One cup of half caff coffee each day the way that I want it (but not more than that unless I drink it without sugar).
  5. Eating fruit or veggies with each meal.
  6. Balanced meals- the right amount of protein, carbs, fat, and fiber
  7. Watch my fat intake because of my reflux.  High fat foods cause more issues with it.  Along with lots of tomato products, spicy foods, caffeine, etc.  There’s a lot to consider.  I’m not perfect at all of these things, but I’m just trying to focus on “less” not “never.”

A lot of these things I was doing a good amount of the time anyway, but I’m just spending more time focusing on them.  The movement is new.  I haven’t been consistently active in several years, and it feels so good!

I’m using an app called You Ate.  I take pictures of my food and post them.  I also post my exercise and water intake.  I don’t measure anything, and I don’t count calories.  I just use this app to get a good picture of what I’m taking in.  If I notice that there are no changes, I will make adjustments as needed.  I’m not feeling panicked, and I am trusting the process.  I also know that the weight will come off slow, but it’ll be sustainable and will stay off.


Summer at camp…

Over 120 summer staff get here in a few days, and we are all excited and ready to start summer!  It’ll be a busy time, but I’m loving being more involved these days so I’m excited to get to know summer staff, making them desserts and meals (I’m hosting a community group), playing, working, and more!  The kids and I will also go to my parents’ here and there and spend some time in town.

Our amazing pup!

Loki is an amazing fit for our family.  He used to bite non-stop and he’s biting MUCH less lately.  He gives lots of kisses, cuddles, plays fetch like a boss, responds to some simple commands the majority of the time, rarely barks, sits by the door when he needs to go potty, and we just love him!

3 month old Loki

And one last thing for those of you who care about homeschooling curriculum…

I ended up back at square one with writing curriculum this week.  I went back to doing all the research on the different ones that are out there because doing writer’s workshop isn’t going to work after all.  The boys need some foundational practice before we hit more of the difficult writing assignments in The Good and the Beautiful.  And I wanted something that was inexpensive and easy to implement.  I ended up landing BACK on Writing with Ease.  We are using level 3 because the boys have understanding of copywork, dictation, and narration… they just need lots of practice with it!  I’m looking forward to simplicity next year.  It’s open and go just like almost everything else.  We’ll see if we use this program long term and just skip writing in TGTB or use the writing in TGTB.  I decided that I don’t need to know that right now!  I just need to stick with one thing and use it for a year and see how they do!  Luckily we have stuck with most everything else, and I’m not making any changes!  Still using The Good and the Beautiful for language arts and science, Math U See for math, Story of the World for history, etc.  Everything is going well!


Okay… I’m gonna stop writing before I keep adding to the length and randomness of this post…

Thanks for reading!

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