Update on My Balance 365 Habits

I try really hard to have balance in my life. I am working on eating lots of nutritious/local/whole foods.  Like you’ve probably seen, I have been buying raw milk and pastured meats when I can, I make lots of things from scratch, etc.

I thought maybe completely cutting out soda was the way to go because I am aware of what’s in them. But I find myself craving it more when I do that. Instead, I will drink one here and there from the office here at camp (I try to have one maybe twice a week). This way I’m allowing myself to have one so I don’t crave, then binge (start buying allll the soda and drinking them all the time).

I have to allow this for myself since my main focus is sobriety.

And yes, like I said, I am perfectly aware of what’s in them, and I’m content with allowing them minimally. I am at the point in which I keep a water bottle with me most of the time and then I also drink coffee and hot tea. This is a huge change. When I have soda in my home I drink zero water and only soda. So this works for now! This is something Balance 365 has taught me!

I won’t always be able to buy raw milk or buy grass fed/pastured meats.  I am doing the best I can with what I have, and since we live so far from everything and are on a tight budget, it’s not always possible.  I do try to limit eating out and other budget busters so that we can afford those things… but it won’t always happen because sometimes I can’t make it work logistically (this coming grocery trip, we won’t be buying raw milk because I won’t need to go to town that Monday when it’s dropped off).

I’m also still working on habits through Balance 365, and the habit I’m working on currently is joyful movement.  I’m trying to take the boys outside several days a week on a hike (and once I have my bike, I will start riding bikes with them as well!).  We are trying to be a Wild + Free Family and being outside is a huge part of that.

Today we went on a great hike for about 40 minutes.  We focused on wildflowers (we don’t have many), and we also discussed the difference between piñon pine trees and juniper trees.

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