God in His Infinite Wisdom and Sovereignty…

“Glorious and mighty are your ways in all the earth!”

Friends.  I know I write about my joy and peace alllll the time, but sometimes I forget to give God the credit for it.

This is the thing.  He is sovereign.  I have been reading all about His sovereignty in Acts (well and in Judges in our women’s Bible study).  I have a journal that has me write who God is at the top, and that is a word that I write almost every day because He reveals that to me every time I study His word (okay, not every day, but more often these days).

He has known alllll along that all of the hard, dark days would lead to the amazing days.  Days in which I am experiencing so much peace and joy.  He knew that the times that I tried to homeschool would be preparation for now.  He knew that we all had to grow to be where we are today, and that He would rescue the boys (especially Ethan) from the really hard situation they were/he was experiencing to find peace at home.  He knew that provision would happen for their mental health (through seeing a psychologist).  He knew that my doctor would give me just the right meds to be stable enough to live the life I now live.  He taught me self care and coping strategies to be able to manage my mental health.  He provided an amazing AA group that I feel at home in.  He led me right to the San Antonio Wild + Free group (after feeling really uneasy about the Fredericksburg one).  He has give the boys an excitement for what we’re doing, and He has given Karis peace and wisdom to choose to do what she’s doing (staying in school).

He knew.  He knows.

And in His infinite wisdom and sovereignty, He knows what’s coming up and will provide what we need for it.

His grace and mercy are unending.  I don’t feel like I deserve any of this, but He is allowing it and He loves giving good gifts to His children.

If you are going through a really hard, dark time, keep hope.  God will redeem those hard times in His time.  They are happening for a reason and a purpose.  Without those hard times, I wouldn’t appreciate the amazing things that are happening in my life.

If you would like to talk, let me know!  We can chat via email or FB/IG messenger!  I really have gone through some dark times including the gruesome suicide of my brother, major mental illness (bipolar 2 and severe anxiety), and alcoholism.  I can relate to lots of people!  Let’s talk!

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