Owning My Own Way of Doing Things

Sorry for all of the homeschooling posts lately. I’m sure they will eventually slow down; it’s just that it’s new and exciting at the moment.

I have surprised myself lately.

In the past when I homeschooled, I took in everything I read, hopped from homeschooling method to homeschooling method, and felt that if I didn’t do something perfectly, I felt lots of fear and anxiety. I would believe everything that I read was supposed to be true for our family, especially if everyone loved this person, book, or method in my circle. I feel like I tried every curriculum out there. I would try something for a short time and sell it and buy something new pretty quickly.

I started reading Brave Learner by Julie Bogart because everyone seemed to love it.

Unfortunately I disagreed from it from the beginning and could only get through a few chapters.

I feel like the expectations that she sets for homeschooling parents is high. Make everything enchanting and magical and allow your kids into all the arts and crafts things whenever you want. Make sure that you do everything for your kids to experience all the things that they want to experience even if it’s hard on the rest of the family. Throw out the curriculum and only do what the kids are interested in.

My goal in homeschooling is to be minimalist, and she is the opposite of that. So I have decided that I don’t agree and that’s okay. Every homeschooling family will do things differently and that’s okay. And just because everyone loves what she has to say doesn’t mean I have to.

This is huge for me. I know what I want in our homeschool and I’m shedding other expectations and methodology.

I’ve learned that I identify mostly with Charlotte Mason on one hand, but I’m also just doing our own thing. I’m so thankful for how far I’ve come.

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