Grace and Self Care… Figuring Out Balance (Always)

So… I’ve been processing and thinking through things.  I have been loving giving myself grace.  Through that, I have actually been sleeping better at night (well, also essential oils and melatonin make a huge difference), and I have been sleeping less during the day!  Through allowing myself to do what I need, I have been treating my body better and have had better self care.  Of course, this has only been a few days, so we’ll see.

Along those lines…


My friends opened a gym in our little town this week.  I wasn’t planning on joining the gym because it’s 35-40 minutes away and I’m giving myself grace, right?  I’m trying not to focus on adding anything new to my plate.  Yet.  I know I need more than just being home all day every day.  For self care, I want to get out more.  And what better way to get out than to work out with friends (and be taught the correct way to lift weights)?  Also, Karis is starting tennis in a few weeks and will have some practices after school.  I also go to AA, and I’m trying to start going to a Bible study every Thursday morning at 9am. There are also PTO meetings, and I plan to volunteer more. So there are many reasons to go into town.  This will just be something I do while I’m there!

Just a few days of real rest makes me feel like I can handle more, but I still want to be realistic.  I was thinking about trying to sub a day or two a week to cover gas and things, but gosh, I just don’t think I can handle it yet!

I found out yesterday that the cost of membership to the gym is very reasonable so the main cost is going to be gas.  I’m going to take a portion of our income tax refund and get some cash to have as a backup for gas!  My plan is to replenish it as I go.  (Also, I plan to get back to using cash in general for most things again.  I’m so much better with cash… I don’t usually run out of money before the next check.)

The gym is called The Forge.  It’s in an old feed store so it has a huge warehouse attached.  That will be the main weight lifting area eventually.  They are slowly adding things to the gym including a lot more equipment the next few weeks.  The plan is to have weight lifting classes, machines, cardio equipment, yoga classes, etc.


The gym will eventually have a hang out area with couches and a tv and tables to play games.  They want it to be a kind of community center.  I’m sure my kids will enjoy hanging out there if I decide to have them with me when I workout after school sometimes.

The owners are the most passionate and driven people I have ever met!  I cannot wait to see how this benefits the community!


I’m hoping that working out a couple times in town will spur me on to go ahead and actually do the yoga that I keep planning to do at home!  I LOVE yoga and I love doing Yoga with Adriene in my office/yoga room, but I have such a hard time getting myself to do any form of exercise.  I psych myself out and always talk myself out of it.  But.  If I’m already working out a couple days a week, I will give myself grace.

It’s so hard to find the balance between grace and laziness, going after goals and over-doing it.  I think for me, the biggest thing is that my mental health is always a delicate balance.

How do you do it?


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