I Have Come a Long Way

Yesterday something happened that was pretty stressful and brought me anxiety.

In the past, I would have popped some Xanax and drank a bunch (sometimes at the same time… deadly combo).

I realized last night that this isn’t even a thought, need, or want anymore.  I don’t miss how terrible I used to feel.

Instead, I have relied on my self care and coping strategies.

I rolled on some essential oils and lit some candles.  I got out my yoga mat and did yoga (in two sessions).  I prayed continually.  I journaled and read God’s word.

I have been hanging out in my favorite room (my office/yoga room).  I have done a lot of cleaning and food prep and cooking.  I talked it out with a few friends (and keep sharing with them how I’m feeling).  I read some of my class communication module.  I took a nap this morning.  I have been listening to music non-stop (which I always do, but it’s so helpful).  And now I’m writing.

I wish I could share on here what is going on because it always helps me, but it involves others so I don’t want it to be all over the internet.  Just know that there are some tough things going on that are affecting us all.

I don’t know when things will be worked out, but in the meantime I will keep focusing on these coping strategies and be thankful that I am not drinking anymore!

3 thoughts

    1. Thank you!! Last year was fantastic and I’m hoping it just continues. Living sober and with the right mental health meds has changed my life!

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