Taking Care of My Health

I’ve had to make some decisions for my health.

Since I stopped dieting, I kind of went the other direction. I immediately gained weight (20-25 pounds), then lost a little as things evened out (about 10 pounds).

Unfortunately, though, my health has suffered. I went from eating healthy to eating pop tarts and cereal all day, drinking soda all day, etc. I mean I have healthy foods and meals some. It’s not all pop tarts. But. Too much. I am always so exhausted and have been struggling to function. I also went from over-working out to not exercising at all (really, never). Too many extremes.

I thought focusing on eating healthy and moving my body would be too “diety” and have been even struggling with the Balance 365 program (that someone paid for me to be part of) because of that. So I even left the group for a little while and joined some body positive groups.

I realized pretty quickly that those groups aren’t for me because they are so judgmental and they tell people what they have to do and what they can’t do (the other extreme of dieting). After being away from Balance 365 I realized that it’s exactly what I need.

So, I’ve decided to pursue a fat loss goal (which may mean that the number on the scale might not change but my body will). It has been hard to come out and say what my intentions are because maybe that will mean that I don’t love myself for who I am. But the thing is, I love myself way more now than I ever have. It’s okay to love yourself and still want change. In fact, the change that I want is to feel better because I do love myself. You know?  Self care!

The Balance 365 program is fantastic because it teaches you balance, lasting fat loss through habit change, joyful movement, self care, sleep habits, etc. It’s okay to eat something that isn’t what some would consider healthy. You eat it and enjoy it. If you over eat, you figure out why and then move forward. No guilt. Also they teach you how to balance your plate including protein, fat, carbs, and fiber. There’s so much more to it.

I don’t think I’ll be sharing lots of weight loss updates because it’s not that kind of program. It’s slow change over time and it’s just part of life. I also don’t have to cut anything out. No restriction. Just balance.

They recently updated the whole program and now there is a several hundred page pdf and it’s a workbook. I sent off yesterday to have it printed and bound. It was only $20. I can’t wait to receive it!

I’m planning to follow the program in order.  It starts with Diet Deprogramming and then goes to The Story of You (getting to know yourself).

I’m excited about this journey!

One thought

  1. In all my years of dieting, and there have been many, the best way to lose weight is eating in moderation. That and a bit of exercise will do it. Dont eat the whole cake, one small slice with do. Dont deprive yourself. It may be slow, but it will stay off longer.

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