Investing in My Self Care


I did a few things for myself the past few days.

I rearranged my office so that I’m facing the window.  Doing this actually freed up some room in the rest of the office.  Somehow things aren’t crammed together.  I just love this space.  It’s so cozy and beautiful.  

After 6 months of “sitting on it,” I decided to join the Younique makeup family.  I have always pretty much been against direct sales, mainly those who sell “health and wellness” products.  It’s just helping the 60 billion dollar diet industry do evil things to women and men (see, pretty passionate about this).  I have been watching an online friend who is a black status presenter through Younique, and I’ve been so impressed with her and the products (and company).  I’ve been talking with her often about maybe joining one day.  Then I saw the Kudos this month and it was a quad palette (4 colors), a lipstick, and a mascara for a pretty good deal (expensive still, but much cheaper than normal).  I started talking with her about it and I realized for just a little more I could get so much more than that in the Presenter kit.  So, I bit the bullet and decided to order the Presenter kit.  Then I also bought an extra quad palette (because I wanted some specific colors), a lipstick, some brushes (concealer and blending brushes), makeup sponge, eye brow pencil, and a Booster Bundle (which has a concealer, foundation, primer, and setting spray).  Pretty much everything that I need to get started.  This wasn’t cheap, but I got 20% back and these things will last a long time.  Also I was using some of the income tax refund.  Now when I buy, it’ll mostly be from product credit and royalties from what I sell.  The main cost is the initial investment.

Come on over and visit my website!

The Presenter kit has these things in it:

  • MOODSTRUCK 3D FIBER LASHES+™ lash enhancer
  • MOODSTRUCK EPIC™ mascara
  • MOODSTRUCK ESTEEM™ lash serum
  • MOODSTRUCK PRECISION™ pencil eyeliner – Perfect
  • MOODSTRUCK® pressed shadow quad palette
  • MOODSTRUCK® pressed shadow refill — Agile
  • MOODSTRUCK® pressed shadow refill — Fervent
  • MOODSTRUCK® pressed shadow refill — Optimistic
  • MOODSTRUCK® pressed shadow refill — Slick
  • MOODSTRUCK SPLURGE cream shadow – Tenacious
  • YOUNIQUE™ angled shadow/sponge brush
  • MOODSTRUCK Minerals Lucrative Lip Gloss – Lovesick
  • Moodstruck Splash Liquid Lipstick – Stubborn
  • Royalty Exfoliating Mask
  • Younique Royalty Mask Samples (1 sachet of each mask, Oil Control, Detoxifying Exfoliating)
  • Touch Mineral Foundation Sample Card
  • White Status Charm
  • ZenPrint Promotional Card
  • March 2018 Catalog
  • Welcome Card
  • Younique Foundation Card
  • Product Card
  • Business/Opportunity Card
  • Fast Start Card
  • Younique-branded, purple faux leather makeup bag

$294 value for $99


I also got the quad palette and lipstick.  

Concealer and blending brush

Booster Bundle (concealer, foundation, primer, and setting spray) and brow liner

I also bought a makeup sponge from Walmart (suggested by my friend).


And I bought a makeup mirror ($11) and iPhone stand ($15) from Amazon to do my videos in my office (this is also another reason I moved my desk… apparently lots of natural light is best).

I haven’t felt this excited about something in a long time.  I feel like I’ll have something productive to do with my time, I’ll learn something new, get free and discounted makeup, and maybe I can make a little bit of $$ to put towards my medical expenses.  I’m also just looking forward to investing in me a bit.  I had planned to go to the Business plan here on WordPress but decided it wouldn’t make any sense.  I decided to do this instead.

Also, this is going to help me learn to be more confident and come out of my comfort zone a lot!  I tend to hide a lot and I’m tired of hiding.  I will be doing lots of Facebook live videos, Instagram stories (I’ve been learning how to use this recently), sharing about products, and sharing how to use the products (once I learn!).  So fun!

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