Fearless, Strong, Brave, and Bold


Karis’ shirt says: Fearless, Strong, Brave, and Bold, which is the opposite of what she has been.

She started school as a scared, quiet, shy girl.  She has been pretty immature as she has been playing with her friends here who are younger than her (like I’ve said before, not their fault… they just act their age).  She has grown so much since she started school.  She is coming out of her shell.  Her teacher has said that she is finally starting to make friends and she’s learning her class mates names.  Karis has told me that she didn’t cry once last week, which is huge for her.

We started something new last night.  I started a Google Document in which we can write each other back and forth.  She likes that she can change fonts and colors, so it makes her more interested.  I ask(ed) her 3 questions at the end.  What are 3 things you’re thankful for?  What are 2 things you love about yourself?  What is 1 thing you will do tomorrow to take good care of yourself?


She wrote me back and had more to say than I thought.  She told me she doesn’t want to go to junior high.  Last night when I was lying with her in bed, I asked her why.  She told me that she’s nervous about having a locker and having a short amount of time to get to her next class.  When I told her that we should be able to decorate her locker, she was excited and less nervous.

We are taking the kids backpacking again over spring break (just in our back country here at camp), and I know that this makes her feel strong.  That’s what I want for her.  I want her to feel strong.  I want her to know that her little body (she’s tiny for her age) can do hard things, and that she can do hard things mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

I’m excited about the growth is happening with all of my kids!

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