Working the (my) Program

If I’ve learned ANYTHING from rehab and going to AA meetings, it’s that the AA meetings won’t keep you sober.  AA is more than just meetings… it’s a daily, hourly, minutely program in which the spiritual aspect is the most important part.  It’s daily prayer and meditation, for me it’s daily Bible study, it’s working the steps, talking with my sponsor every day, daily gratefuls to my sponsor, taking the message to other alcoholics.

I haven’t been great at being 100% consistent, but I’m getting there.  Every day is a new day and a new chance to be more consistent.  One day at a time.


I love this book.  It has an AA thought for the day, a daily meditation, and a daily prayer.


I’m working on memorizing these (I’m terrible with memorization so it’ll take me a while!).


I love this Bible!


I love the devotionals!




Right now the Bible study that I’m doing is She Reads Truth.  In January, I’m starting a new Bible study with a friend of mine.


Studying the Big Book is so important.  My favorite thing to do is study it with other women on Mondays.


“To get over drinking will require a transformation of thought and attitude.  We all had to place recovery above everything, for without recovery we would have lost both home and business.”

On Wednesdays, I go to a Twelve & Twelve meeting.  We discuss the book, Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions.  It’s my favorite meeting of all.  It’s small, so everyone has a chance to share.  I feel connected with most of these ladies.  The greatest part is that they are mostly older than me so there is wisdom there.  I’m thankful!

One of the most important parts of MY recovery is that with doing Step 4 inventory, I’ve seen that I have a huge part to play in my resentments.  All of them.  Because of this realization, I am able to love people better.  I am able to let go of things that I’ve been holding onto that have brought frustration and caused a wedge in relationships. Some of my reason to drink was because of frustration.  Since I’ve let go of that, I don’t have as much of an urge to drink.

Another part of my recovery journey is working through my anxiety.  I’ve gotten to a place in which I am learning to work through the anxiety immediately instead of letting it fester.  I’ve loosely been following Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (I still need a lot of training in this).  Because of this, I have less of a desire to drink (this used to be a huge reason that I drank).

As you can see, AA is more than just meetings… it’s a way of life.  The spiritual aspect is of utmost important, so my relationship with Jesus has to come first.

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