Instant Pot Chuck Roast and Veggies

I’ve read a lot of recipes on how to make a roast in the Instant Pot, but none of them sounded that great.  So, I decided to come up with my own.  And, it turned out fabulous!

The roast is a 2 1/2 pound chuck roast.  Isn’t it beautiful?  It’s just a roast from Walmart… nothing fancy.


The first thing I did was chop the veggies.

4 carrots



4 potatoes (with the peel on)



1 yellow onion


Splash with some coconut cooking oil


Sprinkle with each of these (garlic powder, thyme, oregano, basil, coarse sea salt, and onion powder) and toss.



Sprinkle roast with each of those seasonings as well (on both sides).


Pour some coconut cooking oil into a skillet (I like cast iron).


Pan-sear the roast in the oil on all sides.



Pour a cup of water into the bottom of the Instant Pot.  Place the trivet in the bottom.

Place the roast on top of the trivet.


Press manual and adjust time to 45 minutes.


Quick release when finished (release the steam/pressure).


Add veggies, then re-set for 15 minutes.  This time, NPR (natural pressure release… leave in) for 15 minutes.


The veggies were tender and the meat fell apart.  It was the best roast I’ve ever had!  We served it with toasted homemade bread with butter!  Yum!


I can’t wait to see what I will do in my Instant Pot next!!

2 thoughts

  1. Thanks for sharing this GREAT recipe…. we loved it…. but… please rethink your printing option… 18 pages of ONE recipe with huge photos slurped up a lot of ink…. just a thought. 🙂

    1. Unfortunately you have to pay so much more for the plug-ins. I know that it’s harder to print this way, but I just can’t pay more :-).

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