Every Day is a Learning Experience

Today I learned about grace and flexibility.

I had everything planned out “perfectly.”  My lesson plans were written for the month of August, the schedule has been adjusted multiple times, and I had everything ready for Monday morning.

Monday was perfect!  I got up early, had my time with Jesus, made the kids a healthy breakfast, they did their chores, etc before we started school.  We did every subject and were finished at a decent time.  It was so great!

Then the next day happened… Yesterday I slept till 9:45!!!  WHAT?!  For some reason I was soooooo tired.  I couldn’t pry my eyes open.  We didn’t start school until like 10:30, and it was full of tears.  I’m pretty sure that the kids thought we wouldn’t be doing school since I woke up so late.  They were NOT happy with me that we had to do school.

We only did a few things and stopped by lunchtime anyway.  I just didn’t want to push since it was my fault that we started so late.  I decided at that time that I would get up early the next day as to avoid the struggle that we had.

Fast forward to this morning.  I woke up at 7:45!!  Got myself ready and everything.  All the kids were up and moving by 8:00.  I decided to give them 30 minutes of chill time before we started school, so I just went to lay down “for 30 minutes.”

That 30 minutes turned into TWO HOURS.  Apparently I’m just really tired.  I’m not sure why?!

After I got up, I decided that we would just do afternoon school today.  No biggie.  Flexibility, right?

Then I realized that I had to run to town to drop off some time sensitive mail.

My friend suggested having them do their math in the car.  I didn’t think that would fly with my boys, but I decided to do it anyway.  To my surprise, they both agreed!! (Karis does hers on the computer so she couldn’t)  Ethan (the one who was crying over a page of math yesterday) did FIVE PAGES of math in the car!  WHAT?!  Levi did two.  I only told them they had to do one.

Then we got home and the kids busted out the rest of their school.  I did decide to not do history or science this week, but they did everything else (phonics, reading, grammar, writing, handwriting).  We’re also starting spelling next week.

I learned a lot through today.

Biggest thing is that even when things don’t go as planned, that doesn’t mean I should just throw the day away.  It was so tempting to just decide not to do school because we started so late.  I pushed through and we did it anyway, and it probably turned out better than it usually does.  Maybe we should do school in the afternoon in the future?  We’ll see.  One day at a time.

Flexibility is key, and having grace for myself is so important.

Also… I’m realizing that I need to give the boys some more independence in their learning.  I usually sit at the table with them, even when they are doing things that they can do independently.  I learned today that by letting them do it on their own, they were more successful!

What have you learned through times that felt like failures?

A few other things…

We got the completed curriculum in last night for reading.  We are using Explode the Code (phonics) and Beyond the Code now (reading comprehension/language).  We started it today and it went really well!  It’s simple!  The boys enjoyed it.  I think this is going to be the key to not having as much frustration from Ethan!  It’s early to tell, but I’m hopeful!



Yesterday’s lunch was so simple and yummy!  My kids were having mini pizzas and I REALLY wanted one myself.  Robert suggested making my own mini pizza, and it was easy!

I just took a Joseph’s pita, spooned a little bit of homemade pizza sauce on it (I have a container that I just keep in my fridge), mozzarella cheese, and a few pepperonis.  Bake on 400 for 10 or so minutes!


I made an amazing dessert last night!  I ate a few spoonfuls with some decaf Texas Pecan coffee!  So yummy!  It’s called Peanut Butter Cup Dip (Mrs. Criddle is one of my favorite THM bloggers!).



Also… the kids and I had an itch to decorate for fall early… so we did (I know, I know… Just call me Hobby Lobby!).







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