There are so many details that brought us to our decision to go back to camp, but I won’t even go into all of that because at this point, it’s done.  All I can say is that it was a really hard decision, and even though we almost decided not go (out of fear), God’s plan prevailed.

We love our support system up here.  Our church.  Our family.  Our schools.  There’s absolutely NOTHING here that made us think we needed to go somewhere else.  On the contrary, the amazing-ness of here is what made it so hard.

It all came down to one thing: the call.  Our family is called to camp ministry.  God has made that clear to us, and He has worked out every detail so far that we were fearing.  We know that He will continue working things out as we go.  There are so many details that we don’t know how they will work out yet, but we trust.

Not everything about this decision is perfect; what in life is?  There were things that we were told up front that are hard, and we took those things into deep consideration.  They matter.

For example, the camp is about an hour and 15 minutes from a town that has anything.  And that town is only 22,000.  There’s another town that’s about 45 minutes away, but it’s like 1,100 people, so it’s pointless.  We will be in the middle of nowhere.

This brings us to school (depends on your perspective as to whether this is a positive or negative).  Typically, Robert has been against homeschooling.  But at this camp, there’s really not much option, so he’s actually okay with it :-).  There is one school that’s about 30 minutes away, which is a charter school.  But that’s the closest school.  Plus, the kids will have so much space to roam at camp, and my parents are going to be close enough that I can send them away for a few days when needed.  With all these things, Robert is actually supportive of me homeschooling!  (see homeschooling post)

Another difficult thing about this camp is that there is barely any cell service!  For the first time in years, I will have to rely on land lines to make phone calls.  Don’t worry, I’ll be able to get wifi so I can still use Facebook and blog.  Don’t think I could survive without those ;-).

Also, with my medical issues, I’ve had to make a lot of phone calls, and I will have to drive to Dallas a few times a year to keep a specific doctor for many reasons.  But, God worked out all those details, and I trust Him with that!

The insurance is different.  There is a deductible, and until we meet that, we pay more out of pocket.  BUT, the camp helps take care of that as well, so it’s doable.  We don’t have to pay premiums at all, so it’s worth it in the end!

Now to the beautiful parts!

We’ll be part of a camp family again!  I can’t wait until we get to know everyone.  I plan to have people over often!  Game nights!  Movie nights!  Just hanging out getting to know one another!  There will be lots of college students which I totally enjoy hanging out with!  I hope they can handle me :-D.  Do you think they’ll be scared of me?  Probably not.  I’m camp people.  Hehe.

We will be living on 1400 acres with backpacking, hiking, and mountain biking trails.  Anyone that knows us knows that we LOVE the outdoors.  We will be outside all the time!  I’m looking forward to being able to take weekends to backpack/hike/camp in our “backyard!”  I look forward to even just walking everywhere. We’ll get a lot more exercise than we currently do :-).

It’s camp ministry!  We have had this call on our lives for years, and we will finally be back in this type of ministry!  I KNOW that we were supposed to be out of it for the time that we were.  Lots of things have happened; lots of lessons were learned.  I have gone through a lot personally, but it has been so good for me. I know now that it’s time to be back into the ministry that we feel called to be in.

We will be living in a four bedroom house!  I have no details about it other than that it also has a garage, which is uncommon for houses there.  We’re looking forward to having an extra bedroom so the kids have a playroom!  It will definitely help out with the chaos that we currently have because of the lack of space (going from a 3 bedroom, 1275 square foot house to a four bedroom will be so nice!). We will be seeing the house this coming weekend, so we’ll know more about it then.

It’s camp, so the summer hours will be pretty crazy!  BUT, the during-the-year hours are more like what we’re used to: 5 days, 8-9 hours a day!

I know I already talked about this, but HOMESCHOOLING!  I’m more than excited about finally being able to do this, and with my husband’s support.  I have wanted to homeschool since Karis was 4.  It has been a dream of mine, and I never thought I’d be able to.  God has allowed this to happen, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic!

My parents will be about 2 1/2 hours away!  My parents are a huge support for our family.  They often take the kids for days at a time.  We will be able to send them to my parents’ often; or even if I need to get away, we can pack up in the car and go to their house!  I plan to spend a lot of time at their house :-).

My whole family will be close!  Leaving our current support system means that I will still need one!  I will have one in my family!

Robert nor I will have to work side jobs (though we were coming to where they were just extra here, too!).  We will make it financially without it.  Between selling our house (and making a good profit!), housing and utilities covered, insurance covered, and salary, we will be fine without side work.  We are hoping to slowly pay off the debt that we have.  I hate that we even have debt, but it’s a reality for us.  It’ll be easier to not spend money there because we won’t be in town.  I really think it’ll be easier to pay off debt without all the temptations to spend.  We will be Dave Ramseying it all the way!  And it’ll be sooooo much easier!

I could probably go on and on, but I will stop for now :-).

Be prepared for me to be sharing lots and lots because I am ecstatic and can’t keep it in!

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